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Welcome to Turn Passion Into Revenue

Hey there,
It’s nice to meet you! My name is Henry & I’m the one who started this website.

I’m very happy you found your way here!
Regardless of your experience it’s always great to have a helping hand by your side. You can think of this website as a friendly page that can help you to show you the direction where you need to go.

Let it be a starting point of our journey together.

A little bit About Me

I started about 1 year ago without ANY prior knowledge nor experience how to make a living online via affiliate marketing. In this short period of time I’ve achieved a lot & learned even more. I hope this message serves as incentive for you to follow my steps.

I’m passionate about what I do, always friendly & helpful towards folks meanwhile I strive for better results.

Being an online entrepreneur gives you fantastic results – You are your own boss, there are no specific companies that you are obligated to work for & ultimately..
..for you, it means much bigger income, more time & freedom to do everything you want to do in your life.

Who doesn’t want that?
Honestly, I couldn’t wish for better job..



Your First Task

Let’s get to know each other

We obviously don’t know each other yet – I believe it’s important that we build a relationship – It’s the very first step that will lead to a successful endeavor.
One of the easiest ways is to exchange e-mail addressess..

But instead of asking you to sign up anywhere just yet, I’d rather show you couple of things…

There’s a great way to easily connect with me & see who I am – You can see with your own two eyes where’s my regular work space, a place where I build my fancy tools & meet new friendly faces. Make a single click & check out Wealthy Affiliate (link to my personal profile) to see what I’m talking about.


Building a relationship eventually leads to trust, & trusting leads people to accomplishing great goals together.
Ultimately, in a long term perspective, here’s a list of couple of important things that I’d like to help you to achieve:

  • How to find great online job – First & foremost, we want to AVOID SCAMS! There’s a whole ocean of them. Let’s figure it out together: What works & what doesn’t..
  • How to earn money online at home – Want to stay with family, don’t want to leave house OR regularly wake up at 7 AM? You’re in right place, I’ll show you how..
  • How to find tools to build passive income – There is bunch of FREE stuff out there available online. Honestly, DON’T buy the hype & the stuff you don’t need..
  • How to keep earning money online for free – There are multiple FREE ways how you can start earning money online & keep earning for years to come..
  • How to earn enough to ultimately quit your old job – Hard work always leads to results. Laziness doesn’t. You start small, but build it big over time..

Scams Scams Scams

Let’s Make a Reality Check

Have you seen any of those online companies & so-called online gurus who promise you to get rich over night? There’s that “secret machine” that does all the hard work for you & in exchange, all you have to do is buy “a starter package” & give 15 mins of your time per day to earn thousands.

Wouldn’t that be cool if any of this nonsense was real?
That’s another thing I’d like to teach you over time – An ability to tell the difference between a quality product & a scam.

One thing leads to another – As a result, what I personally like a lot, is to be unbiased as much as possible. Less brand loyalty = More opportunities for you.
There isn’t only one way to make money, there are multiple ways. So, that being said, my reviews are purely based on my own research.

We’re all exposed to this type of stuff & realistically there’s no ending to it. If there’s a new product out there that looks suspicious to you OR you have some questions about it, let me know – I’d always love to hear from you, feel free to send me a message here so I can do a research for you.

Develop a Hard Working Mindset

Set Long Term Goals

Imagine where will you be in 1 month from here? 1 year? 5 years? Will you make couple of extra bucks OR will you earn full time income online?

If you want to create serious passive income not just earn pennies, be ready to be dedicated, invest your time & work hard for results – There are no shortcuts, online OR offline, same thing goes with affiliate marketing. You must put in work to reap benefits, that goes for any sort of business out there.

So, why not to work hard for business that has much higher income potential for you? It’s worth building a strong foundation to a business that keeps providing for you many years to come.The way to achieve all of that, I believe, is in combination where you gain experience by failing & despite failures you still keep working hard. This is what gets you great results.

Wonderful news is that I can help you to get started quickly, conveniently & also for free, I’ll show you how..

Learn “Online Money Making” Basics

Check Out My Beginners Guide

I’ve put together a simple guide to walk you through step by step & to show you exactly how “Making Money Online” process looks like. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!
It’s not a mystery, it’s nothing complicated.. absolutely anyone can do it – In fact, it’s nothing more than these 4 simple steps shown on this image below:


Once you get familiar with the many benefits of affiliate marketing, it becomes much easier to decide if you’d like to do it as your full time job to earn passive income.
Check out my beginner guide, so I can show you the rest & how it’s done. I will explain each of these steps individually & in detail for you.

You’re Smart!

Time to Take Action

Get Training, Tools & Support – All from one place
There’s an online business community that offers every possible tool you need

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