I have Website, I seek an Audience!

Step 3 – Attract Visitors. Setting up a website gives you a new focus – To get audience to read your content. With website & people you have an online business at hand. Website with traffic leads to revenue. But how to increase traffic on your website?

Remember, you are building it for people not for robots. I’ll show you easy to follow training guide, how to get ranked in top tier search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Let’s learn how to attract visitors. More audience means more opportunities.

 Visitors = More Opportunities = Revenue

Never try to do this part alone, always ask for veterans help & guidance! It’s critical stage with crucial importance.

Let’s make your website visible. Your site will be targeting an audience, that is interested in this particular product you’re enjoying yourself & building your site about.

Learn how to determine WHO your audience is to connect with them.

It’s very easy to do & this is where online educational platform comes in handy to help you with relevant hot topics & pertinent information.

Everything is revolving around your picked direction. Within the very first few training lessons you’ll be able to learn about the basics of the latest techniques & how to get attention to your brand new website.

Learn some new tricks & earn money

A lot of people are terrified when it comes to competition – They tend to get very distracted by the latest & the greatest. A lot of them quickly devalue their own ideas & think they don’t have a slight chance in online marketing world.

A lot of them fear that “my topic is already taken” & “there already are such great websites out there”. “Why do I even bother?!” They annihilate their dreams with their own thinking process. Don’t become one! Why?


Why shouldn’t you worry about competition at all? Your success is much more than just random luck, it depends entirely on your desire to make things work. The only question that remains is if you want to do it or not. Success is inevitable & it’s determined by you taking action.

  1. Is there only one bank on our planet?
  2. Is there only one hardware store?
  3. Is there only one grocery store?
  4. Is there only one restaurant?
  5. Is there only one guitar shop?
  1. Is there only one baby clothes shop?
  2. Is there only one sporting goods store?
  3. Is there only one hospital?
  4. Is there only one social media channel?
  5. Is there only one library?

No! There are hundreds of thousands of them across the world & they all can be very successful, regardless of fact that somebody, somewhere is already doing it.
How can you sell anything if you DON’T own a product yourself? Once you have chosen interest, you have a website & traffic it’s time to move to next exciting part – Let’s find free affiliate programs for you. Check out Step 4 to see how it’s done..

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    Here’s a Free 10-day training Course..

Step 1 – Learn How to Promote a Product

Step 1 – Choose Interest. What are you passionate about? Focus on one interest: A one single product that you personally like. It can be anything! Everyone

Step 2 – How to Build a Website for Free

Step 2 – Build a Website with your interest, hobby & passion – It’s a trivial task with correct tools help. Way too many people over-complicate things

Step 3 – How to Increase Traffic on Your Website

Step 3 – Attract Visitors. Setting up a website gives you a new focus – To get audience to read your content. With website & people you have an online business at

Step 4 – Earn Money Online for Free, Infinitely

Step 4 – Earn Revenue – The fastest way to earn money online for free is to join free affiliate programs & turn the whole deal into profit. Yes, there are tens of thousands
Hey there! I'm Henry & I'm a friendly fellow who started this website - I started about 1 year ago without ANY prior knowledge nor experience how to make a living online via affiliate marketing. In this short period of time I’ve achieved a lot - You can do it too! Feel free to follow my steps, so I can show you how..

2 thoughts on “Step 3 – How to Increase Traffic on Your Website

  1. Hey Henry,
    I really enjoyed your “attracting visitors” post, It had such a motivational effect on me. I was always in doubt, thinking about my competition and getting traffic – I’m must say I’m breathing much easier now.
    Thanks and keep up the good work,

    1. It’s really easy to get caught & distracted by “the latest & the greatest” these days..
      But the truth is..

      ..many big names have started their projects with only couple of bucks in their pocket.
      Anything’s possible!

      I’m glad you stopped by JT

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