how to build free website

How to Build Free Website

You’re here because you’re wondering & looking for a way how to build free website – Is it complicated process? Does it take a lot of time? Who can realistically do it? Internet & technology itself in general has come a long way ever since.

A decade ago we could’ve gone through a lot of trouble to get a site up & running but it’s not a case anymore.
Building a website has become simplified, hassle-free process thanks to powerful software.

2 in 1 – Grab Your Free Website with Free hosting
how to build free website with siterubix
It works in both cases – if you’re looking for a way to build a personal niche website OR a website for local business.
Building a website process has been simplified for a great deal & in fact it’s made super easy these days.
You can create beautiful, professional looking websites with ease.
  1. Is it complicated process? – Complete opposite, modern software makes this process hassle-fee
  2. Does it take a lot of time? – It requires less than 60 seconds to get one website up & running.
  3. Can anyone build a site? – No age, gender, profession nor experience restrictions – Anyone can do it
  4. Is it completely free? – Absolutely, some companies care more about user experience than money
  5. Where can I get one?! Type your website name here into Site Rubix web builder widget to begin

So, without a need to worry about technicalities, you can focus your energy & ideas on details you’re seeking the most – Not thinking too much about building OR getting access to an actual live site anymore, but to have a chance to get to the content creation part.. Skip right to the blogging stage where you can put your hobbies, goals, business & passion on the display to connect with like-minded people online from all over the world.

What else has SiteRubix offer to you?

Hosting means a place where you can store your website, it’s a service that makes sure that your site works effectively & quickly for people who wants to visit your site. It’s clear winner for those who seek a trustworthy place to start a new website.

SiteRubix is one of the most powerful web builders available online, that’s basically state of art type of software that includes hosting platform for dozens of your webistes under one account. It has domain registrar as well as file back-up system with multiple additional security measures in place to protect your site.

In addition, there are other handy functions such as unique e-mails account set-ups for each & every one of your sites & site health monitor to name a few. These guys have really thought about everything haven’t they?

2 in 1 + Bonus!
–> Free Website & Free hosting + Free training <–
Including to Free Website you get Free hosting & training how to build your newly created site.

Indeed, this bonus comes with the package by default, it’s yours & there’s a simple yet important reason why you should take notice on that. This is a highly valuable combo that you likely won’t be able to find anywhere online for free. It’s very easy to get started & it won’t cost you anything.

  • 2 Free websites (in siterubix sub-domain) – That’s right, you will get not only 1 but 2 free websites that will be premanently yours
  • Free hosting for both of your free websites – You get free life-long hosting to support both of your new beautiful siterubix websites
  • Free Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (1 level) – An easy way to learn how to build a successful Niche business with your site
  • Free Affiliate Bootcamp Course (1 level) in Wealthy Affiliate – A lucrative affiliate program option to promote Wealthy Affiliate itself

       SiteRubix is State of Art – Powerful & easy to use..

What are some of the most important aspects of Website?

One thing is to just have a website, but entirely different thing is to have a great website & hosting for your site. It’s incredibly important to have a quality one. Why? Because it makes the difference between successful website & the one that is lacking. Your web presence tells A LOT about you. Here are couple of details that makes difference between effective sites & not so effective ones & something you should always look in websites:

  1. Does it load fast? – Website speed & loading times – People like sites that are fast & they leave the one that are too slow.
  2. Does it have professional look? – Design is incredibly important. People are very visual by nature & the love to see your ideas.
  3. Does it use Content Management System? – How is websites content being managed, is it something anyone can do or only techies?
  4. Does it have quality content? – Websites are built for people not for robots & this is something you should always remember.
  5. Is it easy to navigate? – People like websites that are easy to navigate & they tend to leave if website is not easy to navigate.
To achieve all of this WordPress is a great way & excellent CMS (Content Management System) to make it all happen. This is a simple yet important list for successful website – Any great website out there has all of these points covered. Aim for these details & it will lead you to having a successful site. Site Rubix is deigned to do that & helps you to cover these points & build the initial framework for your site.

how to build free website 2016

WordPress – Simply the best Content Management System

WordPress is one of the most popular & most widely used websites framework. Over 60 million people have chosen WordPress as their websites Content Management System. On top of that WordPress is also free to use & priceless at the same time which makes it an easy choice to pick.
–> Start building your Free Website <–

  • WordPress is super easy to install & set-up PLUS there’s a chance to do it online without installing anything – That chance is SiteRubix
  • WordPress is so simple to use that it requires no coding skills from you, no prior knowledge nor advanced skills to get you going
  • WordPress has thousands of different themes to choose from to create a fully functional yet the most beautiful website for you
  • WordPress has literally tens of thousands of plugins that are free to use & designed to add functionality to your website
  • WordPress community provides professional yet free support for you regardless of your goals or expertise level

   Don’t miss out – Free online training how to build Web

My #1 recommendation to Learn how to Build Your Website

Here’s my number 1 recommendation. Why would you like to check this out? It’s incredibly beginner friendly & easy to follow – It’s also created by Site Rubix creators who give you the free websites in the first place. In my opinion user experience is the most important part of them all. Everybody likes to be treated well. With free training, it’s a great way to get you up & running the easiest yet most professional way possible.


Good thing starts with Trust – Trusting leads to Longevity – Longevity means Success – Success converts into Revenue
Revenue is generated through honest hard work. Earning passive income through online project is possible.

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