Chris Farrell Membership – Review 2017

Is Chris Farrell Membership legit?

Chris Farrell Membership is online training program that has realistic expectations to it.

It’s comprehensive yet easy to follow & it’s one of the few credible online programs as Chris Farrell is active contributor himself as well & is continuously improving upon his product. This program teaches you the basics of making money online & the steps you need to take to become successful – Specifically it focuses on e-mail marketing.

Chris Farrell personally started in online marketing business back in 2008. Since then he has grown his business from $200 per day to 1 million & beyond. He has become very respected & incredibly successful online entrepreneur who’s also a nice guy.

Chris Farrell Membership has been voted as number 1 online income service program in 2014 & 2015. These titles & high rankings itself indicate to a genuine & high end product with real life impact that helps you to build successful online business. From 2011 to 2014 the IMReport card also voted Chris Farrell as number one coaching program online.

Although, it’s a bit misleading, despite what the ratings say there’s actually even better option available on internet. More precisely, it would be a correct way to say that Chris Farrell Membership is e-mail marketing at its best.

It’s only a one single way how to generate profit online NOT all of them. There are multiple ways how you can do it. But still, regardless of that fact.. in my opinion, it’s trustworthy program & a nice way to start.


Legit Product Alert!

Chris Farrell Membership - Ranking 79 out of 100

Pros & Cons with Chris Farrell Membership


  • Very easy to follow program – Short, easy to understand yet professional videos to cover your training
  • Great Templates – A nice way for beginner to build a website with no prior experience
  • Trusted & has high rank – It’s already a proven program for years & has high reputation among internet marketers
  • Good support – You can learn how to build your business from trusted veteran marketers
  • Inexpensive yet high quality product – No trial but you can try their product for 7 first days for very low price.
  • No hidden fees – No gimmick tricks, everything they offer you is exactly they way they have advertised it to you.
  • Good for beginners – Excellent program for those who wants to get started in email marketing


  • It truly is for complete beginner only – Does not scale up to advanced or expert level
  • Focuses only on building list – There are many more incredibly important business models in online marketing that are not mentioned here


How much does it cost to join Chris Farrell Membership?

No Free Trial

  • Trial – $4.95 for first 7 days
  • Membership fee – $37 per month
  • Upsells  $997 Mentor Me


Who is Chris Farrell Membership for??

Anyone who wants to Build a List

The main focus is on complete beginners – Chris Farrell himself says it openly that this program is for anyone who’s completely new to internet marketing & would like to make money online.

It’s also for anyone who already has a website or two, but feels like they are not generating enough revenue from it & would like to keep building their businesses to make them even more successful. It’s a great program for e-mail marketing.

  Wonderful program that is focusing on Email Marketing

How does it work – Chris Farrell Membership – 10 minutes to success

If you have a particular interest in e-mail marketing then this place is for you. 10 minutes to success is their main training program that consists of 31 video tutorials which are 10 minutes long each. Chris Farrell Membership is about online training program that helps you to focus on three steps:

  1. Find a profitable niche – Chris Farrell Membership helps you to come up with profitable niche
  2. Build a e-mail list – This part focuses on building 3 page website & getting traffic to these pages.
  3. Sell to people in that List – Chris shows you how you can effectively sell your products to people.

This program is excellent if you are complete beginner & a person without any coding skills. Chris Farrell Membership offers you free hosting & nice web templates to build your site. How to do all of that is covered in short & easy to follow video tutorials to get you up & running meanwhile trying to not overwhelm you.

Everything is covered in detail – How to come up with profitable niche to the point how you can install WordPress & purchase your own custom domain. It’s simple, it’s straightforward. Technically, this is what you will learn:

  1. How to set up your website
  2. How to build an e-mail list
  3. How to effectively sell a product to list

Chris Farrell Membership – Mentor Me upsell

Greed Move

Mentor Me is something that brings down the overall rating of this program – It’s high-ticket upsell for $997 which is stereotypical guru move that many experienced internet marketers are taking advantage of & trying to force on you.

As you keep going you’ll realize that you’ve started at low price point & the system is built in the way it eventually leads up to one of those expensive products. I personally don’t like that at all & I perceive this as a nasty greed move.

 Support exists but it’s nothing special & far from exciting

What about support in Chris Farrell Membership?

Too Basic

There is a forum for members inside Chris Farrell Membership. Unfortunately it looks pretty crude but the worst part of it is that there are tens of thousands of posts. It’s way too much to handle!

If you have a specific question then good luck finding an answer – You’re likely going to dig all day before you find an answer. This is a massive red flag – Support isn’t great due to this passive system & it’s largely happening because of lack of community.

It’s good enough for beginners to answer some flat-out basic questions but that’s about it. For additional support you can also use phone to contact them which is nice & shows that Chris stands behind his product.

You can also contact Chris but most of the time he’s not on the forum. Support is there but it’s nothing special.


Is Chris Farrell Membership Scam?

It’s Legit

The big question that troubles a lot of us, especially newcomers. Is Chris Farrell Membership a scam or not? No. It’s a legitimate business opportunity for complete beginners that helps you to build a website & focus specifically on e-mail marketing.

My Final Verdict

Good but Limited – For Beginners Only

In my opinion Chris Farrell Membership is great for beginners. But that’s about it, for beginners. I’ll give it thumbs up. Their training is point on & delivers quality content.

Compared to the low price point of their services you’ll get high value out of everything they have to offer in this online program. There are no hidden fees to force you to pay for something which is incredibly important in my eyes.
The only downside is their “Mentor Me” upsell which is simply overkill & typical guru move, it’s waste of your money.

Other than that, they won’t rip you off but help you as a complete beginner to start your website business with specific focus on building a list. I recommend it if you’re mainly interested in email marketing only.


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