I’m starting a business & need a Website!

Step 2 – Build a Website with your interest, hobby & passion – It’s a trivial task with correct tools help. Way too many people over-complicate things. Don’t be one! Technically, it takes less than 1 minute & you have a web up & running.

Sounds impossible!? No, it’s really that simple, & it’s also a way how to build a Website for Free.The technical aspect of creating a fully functional site has been completely removed & taken care for you. Your very own web is literally just couple of clicks away.

      Build a Free Website – Use SiteRubix

Having a website is absolutely mandatory these days.
Why? It will be the very foundation of your online business, that is leading to lucrative venture.

Always know that without a website you have close to no chance to effectively promote any product online.

Ask any marketer – They say you the same..

Luckily, thanks to powerful software, getting framework done for your brand new website has become super easy. There’s no need to be complete geek.
In matter of seconds you can have beautiful & fully responsive website, that’s helping you to earn revenue – A versatile web accessible for phones, desktops & tablets alike.

That’s a big one. Try not to miss out!

Let’s build a site about your favorite product. Yes, you can earn money by promoting ONE single product only, for FREE!
Sounds a lot harder than it is. But who can realistically do it? Absolutely anyone.. even minors! No coding skills required.

As you have your web frame in place, you are ready to share your interests & passion to discuss everything related with like-minded people online. You’ll become authoritative force on your picked topics by writing reviews & recommendations for other people to help them out..

..or simply giving them new ideas – Your ideas!
People seek help all the time – Helping people leads to revenue!


Remember, every little bit you do adds up very quickly – success if cumulative. Companies who need your help to sell their products, don’t want you to successfully sell their products just for once only, they want you to become successful & do it consistently 24/7/365..

..you need a website for that & taking action leads to results – Website is the ideal medium to earn money online.

Step 3 – But how can you effectively promote your favorite product on your website?
How can people find your site to buy stuff from it? That’s the next thing in our to-do list. Check out Step 3, so I can show you couple of new tricks & a Free 10-day Online Entrepreneur Training course..

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      It’s Free & Easy – Build a Site in 30 sec..

Step 1 – Learn How to Promote a Product

Step 1 – Choose Interest. What are you passionate about? Focus on one interest: A one single product that you personally like. It can be anything! Everyone

Step 2 – How to Build a Website for Free

Step 2 – Build a Website with your interest, hobby & passion – It’s a trivial task with correct tools help. Way too many people over-complicate things

Step 3 – How to Increase Traffic on Your Website

Step 3 – Attract Visitors. Setting up a website gives you a new focus – To get audience to read your content. With website & people you have an online business at

Step 4 – Earn Money Online for Free, Infinitely

Step 4 – Earn Revenue – The fastest way to earn money online for free is to join free affiliate programs & turn the whole deal into profit. Yes, there are tens of thousands
Hey there! I'm Henry & I'm a friendly fellow who started this website - I started about 1 year ago without ANY prior knowledge nor experience how to make a living online via affiliate marketing. In this short period of time I’ve achieved a lot - You can do it too! Feel free to follow my steps, so I can show you how..

2 thoughts on “Step 2 – How to Build a Website for Free

  1. Hi Henry,

    To quote a famous mission to the moon “Huston – we have a problem..”

    I would love to earn money online and for that obviously, I need to build a website as you mentioned, I have absolutely no IT Skills ..none..zero..nada, do I need to learn coding or hire someone to do that part for me?

    1. SiteRubix is your best bet Derek – No coding skills required
      You simply write your websites name & click “build my site”

      Yes, it’s that easy to get a live site up & running

      I was at the same spot you are, not too long ago.. with zero IT skills
      To get you started, never worry about coding, you don’t need it with SiteRubix software
      Later on, as you keep going, you’ll naturally learn thing or two – but that too is optional

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