Empower Network – Scam Review 2016

     Empower Network – The Worst MLM Scam there is?

Empower Network is online Multi Level Marketing company that was founded in 2011. They sell internet marketing tools & offer training to teach you how to make money online. More precisely, Empower Network offers blogging platform as well as series of digital products to teach people how to become internet marketers.

Despite the fact of “selling” the products to you at the same time they retain ownership of everything, every single product.

Basically, you’re using Empower Network blogging system within their own network to refer other people to buy the same products you are currently using to do the promoting. You have to buy their products in order to sell their productsEmpower Network Products

It really is another typical MLM – You pay low price to enter & through multiple expensive upsells you get higher level of memberships “unlocked & revealed” that presumably makes you earn much bigger commissions.

The biggest hype is about “make 100% commissions” label which is not entirely true. As a result there are a lot of complaints piled up against Empower Network. Couple of the reasons why has it happened I’m going to explain in detail..

Scam Alert!

Empower Network - Ranking 10 out of 100

Pros & Cons in Empower Network


  • Kalatu blogging platform – Blogging network to help you to start your MLM project.
  • Online training, Audio libary – Training to the help you to set up your blogging platform in order to help you to earn money online

Empower Network Scam Review


  • Founder is already known figure in internet marketing world & is described as documented liar/scammer
  • EN doesn’t have definable business model & offers multiple upsells for absurdly high price
  • Empower Network online marketing program lacks clearly distinguishable products + every product you promote is not yours to own
  • On many occasions their affiliate campaign targets inexperienced users through unethical ways & marketing tricks to take advantage of them
  • Additional hidden fees – In order to make progress you need to invest heavily into your own advertising budget
  • There is no proper support system – You can’t contact with the Empower Network owner
  • Numerous false claims & out right lies to sell you products in order to glamour you into their system
  • A lot of complaints from members who have completed every step in training but haven’t made a dime since this system isn’t legitimate
  • Many former 1%-ers have already quit the program – at some point this system collapses, it’s unsustainable – eventually there will be more sellers than buyers
Those Pros are actually also Cons but why?
  • Kalatu blogging platform – It’s designed to help you to get into “online marketing”, in this case into Multi Level Marketing.A blogging system, for $25 per month, that is similar yet inferior to WordPress which is completely FREE, incredibly versatile & available for everybody on internet..

This particular blogging platform they offer has very limited functions that can’t be altered & it’s purely built to promote Empower Network products only. It’s expensive yet has very little use for you.

Compared to your WordPress account which would entirely belong to you, unfortunately..
..Empower Network will completely retain the ownership of their products: It means this blog won’t even belong to you, you’re simply renting it for certain period of time.

How comfortable & secure does it make you feel that some complete stranger out there entirely owns your project?

Empower Network Blogging System


  • Online training, Audio libary – to cover the training part & to help you to make money online.”Make money by blogging” training which actually is not the case at all: It’s actually indirectly a guide to buy yourself deeper into their hype – It’s nothing more than a promotion of the product itself to “unlock” bigger commission levels for you.

It’s very common tactic for many Multi Level Marketing programs out there, this is exactly how it usually goes – It’s with point on aesthetics & well made facade combined with Kalatu blogging system to hide their pyramid scheme.

They give you with one hand, but take from you with two hands: The more you are following the “training” the more money you are going to lose. Once you get there, your “inability” to turn it all into profit will be pinned at you & translated as your own “laziness” or “not working hard enough” & not buying their products..

..it is used as ridiculous excuse why you’re earning very low or no profit at all. This is how this online “training” logic goes – You’re forced to buy Empower Network products in order to be able to promote these products, it’s the only way.

How much can you earn with Empower Network?

   Empower Network requires very expensive investment

Empower Network is telling you right off the bat that no earnings at all are guaranteed

Unfortunately, this is not surprising at all. In order to earn money from selling any of these products, you have to buy these products first. Every single one. If you don’t do that you simply won’t qualify for selling the products that you haven’t bought yourself..

..the profit you would be earning, once you have sold a product, will be taken from you: All of the commission will go to your upline, to the person who recruited you & is already qualified for selling that product.

There’s inevitable truth in this line of business – You will generate debt before you earn any revenue

Basically, this means, if you want to start earning money in Empower Network, prepare yourself to spend thousands of dollars on upsells in order to simply get qualified to start selling these products yourself.

Remember, buying a product from Empower Network has absolutely nothing to do with actual earning process itself yet!

It doesn’t guarantee any earnings, it’s just a single small step to buy your way into qualified members area. This is how much money you have to be willing to give away in order to even get a chance at earning it all back, let alone turn it into profit.

In other words, if you want to unlock Empower Network potential it costs you up to thousands: Empower Network requires very expensive investment, has no guarantees for making any profit & involves a great risk.

How much does it cost to join Empower Network?

No Free Trial

There is no trial to join Empower Network. You have no chance to see if it’s something you like to do, or if it works at all. If you want to become a member you have to pay $25 per month fee up front.

Remember, this is only the surface & basically the biggest hype area. This is the massive persuasion part where you see veteran marketers bragging about making millions. It serves as tool to lure you to buy their next level product.

Upsells in Empower Network


  • Inner Circle$100 per month
  • Top Producer$500 one time fee
  • Team Builder$1000 one time fee
  • Mass Influence$3500 one time fee

What about customers support in Empower Network?

Every Man For Himself

You can’t contact the owners which is pretty much direct hint itself in the first place – “Buy our products & go away, we don’t want anything to do with you personally”.

You have to find a team that you can network with on your own to build business. Picking those teams is big gamble, people in those teams are obviously very different so are the teams.
In some cases it’s ending up as a wild west scenario where everyone are doing everything in their power they can get away with.

Empower Network is very similar to a lot regular MLM available online, so no surprise moment here.

    Affiliates suggest – Get a bank loan & buy products

It’s purely a numbers game only, they don’t care if you succeed or fail. Unfortunately, statistics show that only 1% successfully makes money with Multi Level Marketing, vast majority of folks who join simply lose money & fail.

Empower Network affiliates have actually suggested newcomers to borrow money..

..from relatives or friends, or to take a bank loan in order to qualify the Empower Network $5000 member level. This is simply outrageous even by most internet marketers standard. This is the direct example of what kind of ethics they tend to display..

..there are no ethics.

The attitude of Empower Network community

More Red Flags

You’ve most likely noticed Empower Network banners already. Yes, it says “Complete Autopilot..” on one of the Empower Network banners I’ve posted in this review. That’s instant red flag. Why?

Nothing in this life is on autopilot.. 

..especially not online marketing where you have to keep your stuff always up to date. Everything needs maintenance once in a while, even the most advanced servers & that’s just reality. In short, what you’re seeing here is a marketing stunt specifically designed to target inexperienced, lazy or mentally weaker folks to take advantage of them.

Here’s Empower Network slogan: “No wussies” type of banner is yet another example..

..how Empower Network tries to taunt & seduce inexperienced marketers & desperate folks to join into their business.

People like you & me are being set up for failure who are simply looking for possible legit way to earn money online.

Empower Network Review

There’s a cult mentality going on in Empower Network
They call you a WUSSIE if you’re not going all in & won’t buy all of their products.

   Empower Network can Ban your account for No Reason

This one is not even open for debate if it can happen, it already has happened

People who have spent thousands of dollars on Empower Network products have been thrown out of their community for no reason at all. Remember, Empower Network owns every single product & retains ownership even after selling the product to you. Kalatu blogging system belongs entirely to Empower Network, so in other words..

..they can ban your account at any time for any reason. They’re incredibly biased & suffer from strong brand loyalty – If you dare to criticize their system in any way, prepare to be next in this ban list. If you watched the video I linked, you know that one of the former members of Empower Network got banned from community by simply asking for refund. How ridiculous is that?

If Empower Network feels threatened in any possible way, basically you can say goodbye to your blogging account & the large investment you’ve spent on it. It’s logical explanation why there are so many complaints against them.


Is Empower Network Scam or not?

1% Chance to earn Profit

To start things off the first thing you’re going to see there is testimonials from people who have made a lot of money by using their products. This is one of the typical MLM style pipe-dream type of introduction to Empower Network to get you signed up.

Sadly, a lot of naive people still tend to fall for this “live your dream” card.

Empower Network shamelessly targets inexperienced users to make a quick buck..

Profit wise, in most cases who could actually benefit from their services are some of the few very experienced MLM marketers only OR people with large following. As I’ve said in my other MLM reviews – It’s a big hype train all over the place..

They start selling products to you in order to teach you how to earn money online through their MLM promoting scheme which very likely, in reality, can turn into profit for less than 1% of users. This is & still remains as the cold hard truth.


My Final Verdict of Empower Network

Complete Waste of Time!

Empower Network is Multi Level Marketing scam. Do I recommend it? Absolutely not. Walk away from it! Why? It is absurdly expensive, plus there’s no real product nor clearly definable business model behind this program. Plain & simple. Other than blogging platform that Empower Network is offering to you..

..there are no practical nor particularly useful products you should waste your money on. Most of these products carry little value & are close to worthless to you. Ironically they also have absolutely nothing to do with earning money online: Their main function is “unlocking” higher membership levels within Empower Network in order to earn bigger commissions – MLM scheme through & through.

On top of that, unfortunately, this blogging platform is designed to promote Empower Network itself only: You can use the page setup their system provides for you & nothing more – Kalatu blogging platform functionality is very limited. If you’re looking to start niche business or promote something other than Empower Network products over there, you’re in a very wrong place, this tool has little or no use for you.

Empower Network offers you close to no support & since everybody is using Empower Network blog templates only, it has created a major problem – Their market is already over saturated. Its copy-paste blogs are all over the place. No wonder why many of the 1%-ers have already left the building & moved on to the next project.

More experienced marketers already know this system is going to crash. In short words, you’re going to lose tremendous amount of money there & it’s very likely that you’ll never make a penny.

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You’ve come a long way, I’d like to help you out – To show you something that’s not a MLM with countless of upsells..
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