My Online Business Empire – Scam Review 2016

      My Online Business Empire – Another MLM Scam?

My Online Business Empire (MOBE) is online company founded by Matt Lloyd in 2011 – It’s designed to be 21 step online training course that involves an affiliate program. Technically, to stop the sweet-talk right off the bat & say it out loud.. theory it’s an “affiliate” program designed to earn you money, but in reality mostly not for you but the owner itself.

MOBE claims it to be a program that’s created for online entrepreneurs, who wants to learn about the advanced “secret” techniques how to improve their marketing skills.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case at all & it’s yet another beautiful frontier for a fairy tale because their products are close to worthless. It’s similar & very close thing to what Empower Network is – Currently, one of the most infamous MLM scams online.

MOBE review Facebook community

It’s exactly the same – Similar to many MLM tactics, yet again you’re forced to buy their products in order to “unlock” higher membership levels that supposedly are making you earn much more commission.

Before you can earn ANYTHING – Prepare to spend thousands of dollars to proceed

Remember, buying their products has NOTHING to do with actual earning yet – You’re just about to get qualified only.
To promote MOBE products, you’re forced to buy their products in the first place to qualify for selling these products.

Scam Alert!

My Online Business Empire - Ranking 10 out of 100

Pros & Cons with My Online Business Empire


  • Basic traning – There is some basic training but most of it is directed to promoting MOBE itself
  • High commissions – For those who are purely after money, not the quality of a product

Mat Lloyd MOBE review


  • Absurdly expensive – MOBE products cost too much, it’s just unethical by most internet marketers standard
  • Too many upsells – Another direct indicator to a greed-move, to make a quick buck off from you
  • Many useless products – Mostly, products main purpose is to simply “unlock” higher commission levels
  • You’re forced to buy products – In order to promote a product & earn commission, you have to buy that product first
  • Very bad customer support – Your support tickets can simply go unanswered & poorly built community
  • Almost impossible to get refund – Once you pay for your product, that money is gone – It’s very hard to get refund
  • Mostly product hype – No real niche business building process, simply buy MOBE products in order to be able to promote them
  • Outright lies & false claims – Become “super affiliate” & earn $10 000+ in a week by just sending couple of e-mails
  • A lot of complaints – The business name itself to begin with contradicts almost everything what it actually is
Who is My Online Business Empire for?

It’s about promoting MOBE only

At first glance, the way it is served up, it looks & sounds like a convenient way to build an online niche business for you. Wrong!

The program name is as misleading as it can get – Mostly it has nothing to do to help you to build your own online business. You won’t be learning how to create a successful online business nor how to successfully promote your own business.

You’re simply going to be in it purely for money by promoting the MOBE company products only.

How much does it cost to join?

No Free Trial

Entry point is $49 + $19, but this is only an initial hype area. As a true MLM is – It’s all about “unlocking” higher tiers of this program to earn bigger commissions.
To give you the correct answer how much does it cost – There seems to be no precise number..’s a long stream of upsells & without buying every single product in the list you simply can’t promote the ones you haven’t bought. Here are the “tiers” you can unlock:

  • Sign up – $49 one time fee
  • Monthly promoting fee – $19 per month
  • License rights – $1997 one time fee
  • MLR: $2,497 one time + $97 per month (inner circle)
  • Titanium: $9,997 + $199 per month (inner circle)
  • Platinum: $16,667 + $310 per month (inner circle)
  • Diamond: $29,997 + $310 per month (inner circle)

How much can you earn with My Online Business Empire?

1% Chance for Revenue

Commissions are 50% to 90% – Joining MOBE program means that you will become affiliate to promote Matt Lloyd products.

It looks really great on the paper but the reality is that Matt Lloyd earns from all of your back end sales & uses you to get more traffic & attention for himself.

The reality is that you will 100% generate debt with this program before you even have chance to earn any money

If you’re lucky enough to fool someone else buy these products through your affiliate link, you get commission, otherwise you’ll be left with empty hands.

This program does not show you how to build a real legitimate online business, it’s all about promoting MOBE products only. It’s MLM through & through – This line of business involves very high risk & you’ll very likely lose money.

MOBE Products that can earn you 90% commission

IF you buy them first

  • $19 per month – 21-Steps recurring fee from 2nd month
  • $97 per month – Inner Circle Membership
  • $97 per month – MOBE Elite Earners
  • $97 per month – Done For You Emails

Total: $310 fee per month

  • $9.95 – IM Revolution Handbook
  • $9.95 – For the 7 day trial access to MOBE Inner Circle
  • $49 – My Top Tier Business (MTTB) 21-Steps
  • $194 – My Email Marketing Empire
  • $194 – OPT Formula (Outsourcing Formula)
  • $194 – Funded Proposal
  • $291 – Affiliate Bonus Domination

Total: $941.50 one time fee

              MOBE requires very expensive investment

MOBE Products that can earn you 50% commission

IF you buy them first


  • $997 – Online Income Revolution by Matt Lloyd
  • $997 – The 90 Day Challenge
  • $997 – Six Figure Coaching Secrets
  • $997 – Add the Nitrous
  • $1997 – For 10,000 Leads in 100 Days
  • $4997 – Diamond Coaching Program
  • $8997 – Titanium Mastermind

Total: $19979 one time fee

What about that fancy MOBE $500 guarantee?

It’s a Broken Offer

Matt Lloyd is so confident in his system – He promises you that you will make from $1000 to $5000 commissions & all of that within 30 days. He backs up it with a guarantee that you’ll get paid $500 if you fail to earn that amount.

Now here’s the catch – Terms & conditions. The offer only stands IF you follow EXACTLY the 21 steps & show proof of that. Yes, as you could guess, one of these steps includes buying licensing fee for $1997 to qualify to sell MOBE products. If you don’t do that you’ll instantly lose that guarantee & you will not get $500.

If you look at these numbers, you could tell that any person with any math skills can tell you right off the bat this is just ridiculous! You’ll pay $1997 & get paid guarantee for $500. You’re still going to be in debt for $1497! Where’s the benefit in that?

The one & ONLY one who really benefits from such deal is the owner itself.
In both cases, if you get paid or not, you will 100% lose money.

MOBE License Rights banner

What about customers support?

“Go Mind Your Own Business”

There is no solid community structure within MOBE – To fill that cap there’s only some weird facebook-page where you can join a group & most of the communication goes through private messages. It’s a very crude set up.

If you dare to criticize MOBE products then prepare to be called out & attacked, even by owner itself.

This is yet another indicator to show the level of support in this program – Your questions will go unanswered, you’re taking a risk & likely lose a lot of money, plus on top of that you get insulted as well. Basically, you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars & they even can’t provide you with proper support system.

This is a direct indicator what they care about – This is numbers game only. They don’t care about you or your success.

Is My Online Business Empire a Scam or not?

It’s Absurdly Expensive

Now, the most imporant question – Is MOBE scam or not? Yes, it’s a scam. Why? Firstly, the products MOBE offers are just absurdly expensive which almost instantly guarantees a spot for them in my scam list. It’s a greed-move that’s typical to MLM’s.

On top of that the program name already contradicts basically everything it actually is. It’s a big con through & through. Yes, technically there are some functioning tools inside this program, but their value is incredibly low due to high price tag & their main purpose is a get-away-ticket for company owners – “But we have a product there don’t we!?”

Statistics show that less than 1% people can successfully make money with MLM. This is the cold hard truth

They’ve made sure that you can’t accuse them of anything, if you fail it’s all on you. This is how scams work – They attempt to mimic the legit thing. This is one of those programs that is made to look good on paper but it does not back up its claims. There are a lot of complaints against MOBE. This line of business involves very high risk & has no guarantees to earn anything.

Everything that MOBE offers you, you can get from internet for FREE!
Attempting to rob people & getting them to bankrupt isn’t exactly helping people


My Final Verdict

Complete Waste of Your Time!

This is the kind of business that cares about numbers only – Their poor support system reflects quite clearly that they don’t care about you nor your success. This is yet another one of those “buy our product & go away, we don’t want to do anything with you personally” type of businesses.

Another typical problem here is the “dream card” that MOBE founder tries to seduce you with. In other words they intentionally target the inexperienced, lazy, desperate, naive & mentally weaker folks to take advantage of them.

It is yet again one of those companies with yolo attitude, trying to sell you the “easy-way-out” ticket

It’s massive red light! I recommend you to stay away from it. Even if you have all the funds to buy these products, the reality is it would be complete waste of your money. Why? Because you can get everything that MOBE has to offer, from internet for free.

If you’re looking for a truly advanced marketer training there’s a flawless deal out there that you can join for free & get upgraded package for less than 50 bucks. Less than $50 versus $30 000+!? It sounds comical, everyone would rather pick the $50 version for the same value & more, plus save the rest of the $29.950+ to be “a little bit” more efficient & rational.

I recommend you to stay away from MOBE – Save your time & money & more importantly your precious nerves

             Luckily, I have much better solution for you..

You’ve come this far, I’d like to help you out – To show you something better than a MLM with countless of upsells..
..there’s an inexpensive yet advanced product out there without countless of upsells. I encourage you to be very selfish, don’t give anyone a dime before you make a buck yourself. I’ll show you an effective way how you can learn the very basics & start your entire online project completely FREE

Good thing starts with Trust – Trusting leads to Longevity – Longevity means Success – Success converts into Revenue
Revenue is generated through honest hard work. Earning passive income through online project is possible.


Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you enjoyed reading my review & learned a lot about My Online Business Empire along the way.
Feel free to ask for assistance & share your thoughts by leaving a comment.


Hey there! I'm Henry & I'm a friendly fellow who started this website - I started about 1 year ago without ANY prior knowledge nor experience how to make a living online via affiliate marketing. In this short period of time I’ve achieved a lot - You can do it too! Feel free to follow my steps, so I can show you how..

12 thoughts on “My Online Business Empire

  1. Well unfortunately, Matt Lloyd seems to have his head screwed on the right way when it comes to taking money – this is a typcial MLM option as you rightly point out!
    If it’s been going since 2011 I wonder how many people have lost out in that period – 5 years is a long time to gather people’s entry money for memberships!
    thanks for this review – definitely one to avoid!

    1. You’re welcome Chris,
      On top of that many companies like this usually have point-on presentation how to sell their products..
      ..they even hire actors to fake it.
      It seems convenient all the way to make a sale off of you.
      Stay safe!

  2. Any work online opportuntiy that requires you to pay before you can earn should be avoided at all costs – there are so many free options out there these days!
    By the sounds of things the products you buy here are pretty lame at best – do you feel they are overpriced for what they actually are?

    1. Chris, that’s exactly the way I’m thinking.
      Including to online ones, offline ones too – Paying money in order to earn money sounds ridiculous.
      Free options are way to go.

      To answer your question, in MOBE case we’re looking at glorified upsells that are added to initial entry fee: MLM scam tactic alert!
      Technically, you’re not even investing your money into real product, there is not product, you’re literally just buying thin air..

      Are they overpriced? Not only overpriced, the right word is, they’re complete ripoff.

  3. I didn’t mind the fact that you have to pay some sort of monthly subscription – most online offers need this payment. But the upsells – oh man how bad is that? Surely $30 000 worth of options to catch you out is against the law? So are these upsells really necessary for the system to work? Crazy!

    1. That’s true Chris, most programs online are not charity & it’s completely logical.
      But yeah, what’s worth paying for? That is the question.

      The truth – These upsells for 10’s of thousands of dollars are absurd & only serving as glorified upgrades.
      Ripoff, plain & simple: Most of the times there is NO product behind it.
      The basic nature of MLM, designed to earn money.. but not for you.

      Sounds like you’re looking for a legit way to earn money online, without huge investment..
      Affiliate Marketing is 100% risk free way to go – Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review
      In fact you can start free & you don’t need to invest money to earn money online.

  4. I like the points that you cover. When i first heard of affiliate marketing I couldn’t exactly wrap my head around the idea of making money from people clicking on your links. Wealthy Affiliate definitely has developed a foundation for me and building affiliate websites. I did kind of stray away from the training though. Instead of a niche blog i choose to just write about anything any everything. I can happily say I can speak my mind and make money from it!! I definitely owe that to WA. A lot people fail to realize though that affiliate marketing/blogging is a long game. Everyone is hoping for fast success and sadly that’s not the case. But when it rains it pours!!

    1. Mike,

      Thanks for bringing it up!
      That’s exactly how I felt once I was stepping into affiliate marketing – Making money from people clicking on your links was a total mystery to me as well.
      Luckily, that process is fairly simple & straightforward once introduced properly.
      It’s wonderful to hear from you that Wealthy Affiliate has played a big part in it & helped you along the way.
      Absolutely great to hear about your positive experience, & thanks for taking the time to share your story!
      Longevity & persistence is the name of the game & success.


  5. Very nice and accurate review. I feel as though people should never pay attention to sites that claim they can make thousands a day. The only place that I could ever recommend for being legit is WA. There are all sorts of reasons why I chose them but the main reason was because they say up front that you won’t make thousands right from the start. It’s a work in progress and will take a lot of time and effort and determination which I love!

    1. Thanks Christina,

      When it comes to making money with those programs that spread outright lies..
      ..even winning a jackpot with lottery would be much easier.
      Funny, what would be the odds to succeed?
      I really love the way WA is simple & down to earth – To show you how to make your first $1 & go from there.
      Stay safe!


  6. Hey Henry. Thank you for the heads up. I heard of MOB a while back and never really paid attention to it. But I came across it recently and was wondering if it was actually something I should consider.

    I will follow your recommendation and stay away from it. Is Wealthy Affiliate a good way to make money from home?

    1. Hey Sim,

      Thanks, I’m glad that you approve my recommendations.
      In Wealthy Affiliate case you’ll be focusing on YOU.
      It’s about building a business that revolves entirely around products that you personally like.
      You’ll make money by doing what you love to do.
      Doing something you’re passionate about has unlimited potential.
      It’s good way & it’s worth your time – Every second of it


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