The Best Way How to Make Money Online

The best way for profit – Build a website & become a publisher – The first one you can get for free, the second one is about your own dedication. This opportunity is exactly as simple as it sounds yet involves multiple different methods how to earn money online & has millions of different possible approaches to it how you can do it. Here’s a great free online course how to earn money online to get you started & teach you the very basics. I’ll show you how & where to get started, what tools to use as well as give you a detailed overview what job you’re going to be doing to earn profit.

First & for most, I strongly recommend you to develop an ability to tell the difference between a quality product & a scam. I’ll show you some repetitive patterns that a lot of scammers are using, so you can recognize them in future & avoid scams altogether. In addition I’ll show you what steps to take to save your money to start earning online. Don’t give anyone a dime before you earn a buck yourself – Be open, have a positive way of thinking but at the same time keep your guard up enough to be skeptical about the things you’ve been offered. I’ll show you why it is so important.

Education is a must – Before you can earn, you must learn!

How to avoid getting Scammed online

Have you come across one those one video sales pages that is flashing with fancy cars & mansions, expensive trips & promises your instant riches to gain financial freedom forever? Have you seen those seemingly friendly & genuine marketers who tell you about auto piloting money making systems & also encourages you to take that very first step with full money back guarantees. The reality is, most people who have tried to earn income online have either been scammed or come across a scam. Even worse, not only once but multiple times, scams that likely looked like this:

This is why a lot of folks are never taking again an online entrepreneur route because they firmly believe it’s a big lie & it’s not possible to earn money online. They have a very good reason to believe so & I don’t blame them at all, but in fact it’s as far from truth as it can be – The fake stuff simply has tarnishing effect on the real thing & has managed to do some serious damage. To help you to avoid scam products I’ve put together a list that can be a great guide to help you to keep your guard up & tell the difference between a quality product & a scam.

How to avoid scams 2016

The type of products that you should avoid
1Multiple upsells – That’s a number 1 & the most recognizable greed move of them all to rip you off. Plain & simple. Typically this is a very common tactic for most multi level marketing businesses where each & every upsell is intended to unlock the “higher” membership levels to supposedly make you earn more money. Meanwhile very often these products do not carry an actual value but act only as a glorified promotion to the product itself – They also have absolutely nothing to do with the actual money earning process itself, it’s just meeting the criteria so you can become “qualified” member to have a chance to earn commission. In other words, in most cases they’re completely useless, just hype & waste of our time & money. Multiple upsells also have dangerous psychological tricks in it – The more you buy the more you become committed to buy the whole thing. People have lost tens of thousands of dollars to such schemes. Ironically, multi level marketing businesses are not the only ones who are trying to do that, here’s an example of company with dozens of upsells for outrageous price – Most of that stuff that’s offered there you could get from internet for free. These are the ethics those companies offer to you – There is no ethics! Avoid such products & services at all costs.
2Hidden fees – There’s a whole bunch of scammers out there who like to let you join at low price point & then start overloading you with new costs. Here’s one of those companies that lure you in with low entry price but won’t show the real cost. Have you come across a product sales page that flashes you a beautiful banner that has written “free” all over it & once you click on it they start asking your credit card number from you. Like, what the heck?! Yes, that’s one of those scam products again you should avoid at all costs. Once you give out your credit card number ending a contract with such companies usually will be very hard thing to do. They try to force monthly recurring fees on you & deliberately make it very difficult for you cancel membership. Don’t even dream of getting refund. It’s likely that you’re forced to go to your local bank & close the deal from there as those companies leave you no chance. This is definitely the one to avoid if you like to save your precious nerves.
3Get rich quick – That’s a really common “dream card” tactic that veteran marketers are trying to sell to the inexperienced, naive, desperate, lazy & mentally weaker folks. It’s usually packed with outrageous claims to your instant success that promises you to get rid of your financial problems overnight. It’s typically marketed as the “easy way out” to get you excited & make you grab quickly from that “rare” opportunity. They usually try to sell you a product or get you signed up by bragging about the amazing system they developed that earned them millions of dollars online. “Become a super affiliate & earn $10 000+ in a week by just sending couple of e-mails.” If anyone offers you an amazing online opportunity & puts a very short timer on it, chances are very high it’s a blatant scam. It’s the vulnerable spot in online marketing industry that scammers love to abuse – Making money online is legit indeed, with endless possibilities & potential to make you filthy rich BUT in order to achieve that you need to work very hard like you do it in any other job. Money is 100% there, but you CAN’T neglect the work part.
4Autopilot system – A product that promises to give you an access to a system that does all the work for you – You only have to buy the product, push the “button” & see how money is generated from thin air. In reality, very often there are no product at all behind this type of scheme – Merely the fact alone that this type of system does not even exist proves it. Money always has to come from somewhere go to somewhere & someone has to do the work – The one who is doing the work will be you once you give them your credit card number & sadly you’re also going to be the source of money as well without receiving anything in return. Here’s an example of a company that’s involved in multiple scams as well as in scam that’s literally called autopilot profit. There is no magic nor secrets, if a company cannot explain the money making process in detail the chances are they’re trying to rip you off. Nothing in this life is on autopilot, especially online marketing – Even the latest & the greatest servers need regular maintenance to keep them up & running. It’s yet again one of those scams to pray on lazy or desperate folks who seek that “easy way out” solution that does not even exist. It’s incredibly easy to sell that because people want to hear such things, it’s natural everyone wants an easier life for themselves & combined with scam products like that it inevitably leads to some casualties. Save your money & don’t fall for that.
5Video only sales page – Not just one video, but a one endless video. Have you come across one of those video only sales pages with a seemingly never ending video. There’s some guru talking about making money, how you’re going to be super successful & how you’re only a few steps away from achieving all of that. Meanwhile in reality they never make it to the actual money making process itself – They won’t tell you the details how you’re actually going to earn money, they just blab about some “amazing system” that already has been so great for “thousands of users” & it can help you as well. Here’s an example of already known scam artist that uses single page & video only sales pages to promote his products. You can also find a whole list of other scams there from the same guy who is promoting them under his name. That’s yet another one of those “dream card” selling scammers who create a picture of you being successful in future & make you fall in love with that idea. But in reality they won’t even remotely tell you how you can achieve your success – Because there is no product behind it to accomplish that. These companies simply hype up their product that likely doesn’t even exist to rip you off. Chances are high that they virtually sell you thin air.
660 day guarantee – That’s one of those clickbank products & it’s known place that sells you almost anything, including scam products. It’s a place that sells products online regardless of their actual quality. Some scammers like to seduce & lure you into buying their products by encouraging you to “try” their products meanwhile emphasizing money back guarantee on every possible step. Typically, once you’re on that final stage before buying a product & you start entering your credit card number.. there’s almost always a big money back guarantee sign with a shiny prize ribbon picture next to it. It’s likely a direct indicator that it’s a low quality product. Getting refund with such companies can be very complicated process. There have been multiple cases where people are getting kicked out of online communities for asking refund & or simply for no reason at all. They make it difficult if not even impossible to get your money back. One thing is what scammers sales page say & the entirely other thing is what their terms of service stands for & those two usually contradict each other – Yes, these companies will try to guarantee that you will never see your money again. Be extra careful with companies such as these.
7Fake pictures – and automated comments & fake testimonials in attempt to do the promoting part. Companies that are in a constant need of showing off to promote their products are giving you a direct hint that chances are it’s a complete scam. It’s very likely that you’ve already come across of online opportunities where they flash you fancy mansions, Ferraris & expensive vacation trips to seduce you into buying their products. Here’s one of those “Ferrari” examples that promises you a whopping 100% of commissions from every sale. Can anyone be as lame as this? Yes, no problem, they can – Another big part of this type of scam is automated comments & fake testimonials . They literally stop at nothing & set up plugins with a script that keeps posting comments automatically on their sites to artificially produce comments. These are not real comments & there are no real people behind it. It’s even more shameful – The pictures of these people you see there are likely stolen to make you feel like it’s legit. Why would you want to trust anyone like that & think they will be leading you to your success if they promote their product by using outright lies? If a company needs fake comments it shows that their own business isn’t exactly that successful so why should your project become successful under their guidance? Fake testimonials are definitely much more difficult to discover, unfortunately scammers do that all the time.
8No support – Essentially, most scam products have this “quality”. If you can’t contact the owner of company directly or they provide you very limited or poor support it’s a direct indicator that “we don’t want anything to do with you personally” or “buy our product & go away”. It’s a massive red light that shows that the owners are not standing behind their products or services they’re offering to you, they simply want your money. Some companies even encourage you to NOT ask any questions but keep “following the training”, in other words keep buying their products to get ripped off even more & feed their greed moves. On contrary, in online marketing business it’s almost mandatory to have access to professional support to make your life much easier.. or in fact, to make it work at all! This is exactly why many people fail in this line of business, because they’ve been left alone with a bunch of tools they’ve no idea how to use. The final result will always be the same, they simply quit & not because of lack of potential but because they’ve been simply abandoned. It’s one of the most important columns in this line of business to always have someone to support you. Never do this alone & avoid those companies the most that are after your money but won’t offer proper support.
9Guru promotion – this goes into the same pot with fake pictures. If a guru doesn’t own that product but still does the promoting, it’s very likely a scam. Chances are high that they do the promoting not because they believe in this product but because they’ve been paid to do so. This fact also leads to professional actors who gets hired to promote scams. It sounds logical & it’s already known fact that many scammers do not want to put their own face on display, so this is what they do – They let someone else to do the promoting. It tends to happen & once people get scammed, folks start hating towards the actor who was merely hired to do a job. The actual scammer behind it gets away & starts the same project under different name once the existing one collapses. I recommend you to avoid joining those guru promoted products, it can end bad for you.

      Stay safe – Learn how to recognize online scams

How to make money online

You need a website – that’s absolutely mandatory these days. I’ll show you how & where. To become successful online & create income you need two things – persistence & an ability to learn. Got those two? In that case you’re never in trouble. No sugar coating here, nobody but you will build your passive income – I can be the one who provides you all the assistance possible but you will be the one who’s going to take action & put in the hard work to build your own project. This is how it works – There are no shortcuts, no easy ways out, no huge paychecks that will happen overnight..

earn money online free

Now, one question remains.. Is there a legit way to start making money online? Luckily there is. We’ve covered the part how to spot potential online scams & now is the part where you want to search for a legit way to create a passive income. How to do that & where do you start? What to expect & what kind of work will you be doing? These are the common questions I get all the time. First & for most, before we get into making money part, you should understand that it’s not about race, it’s a marathon. The best way to start creating passive income online is to set long term goals for yourself. Think about where will you be tomorrow – Think about your progress 1 year from this moment.. & 5 years. Where do you want to be? Set your goals.

Set a long term goal – It’s worth it to build something big

Make money online 2016

Where can you find free tools to earn money online?

–> 1. Free online marketing training
–> 2. 
Free Website & free website hosting
–> 3.
Free support from veteran marketers

If you feel like you’re a complete beginner, I always recommend you to save your money first & for the most. Never be in rush to spend your money on things you likely don’t need. Ask for more experienced people advice, do thorough research & try to avoid bad products as much as you can. If you’re fresh out of box, always try to get your hands on free stuff first – As you can see, there’s plenty of valuable information out there on internet available for free. It’s important to get things done efficiently without robbing yourself blind at the same time. Making money online is possible.

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