Cash Siphon System – Scam Review 2016

                      Yet Another Scam by Ewen Chias?

Technically, Ewen Chia asks money from you for something you can get from internet for FREE

Cash Siphon System is a basic training course for affiliate marketing. Ironically it goes against everything he says on his sales page how you don’t have to sell anything or do anything to earn money.

It’s the exact opposite what you have to do in affiliate marketing – It’s a promoting business & this is the very same thing he is doing there himself. The big difference is the ethics he is using to deliver Cash Siphon System product – There is no ethics!

As you can sense Cash Siphon System sales page is full of blatant lies & false claims that are designed in intention to target inexperienced, desperate, lazy & mentally weaker folks.


Cash Siphon System scam

Affiliate Marketing itself is a true legitimate way to earn money online but Cash Siphon System is simply a form of scam that focuses on a mere attempt to mimic the real deal.

Cash Siphon System – It’s just a funnel/frontier for ANOTHER business

As you already can guess, there is no real product behind Cash Siphon System that would realistically help you..

Unfortunately it’s just an empty idea, a blatant lie – This product doesn’t even exist – The main function of this sales page is  to be a lead page & capture as many visitors as possible.. it’s NOT focusing on selling an actual product from Cash Siphon System.. but to connect you with multiple other scammy MLM companies.

They try & seduce you & promote those products though this sales page to you to make a quick buck off from you

Scam Alert!

Cash Siphon System - Ranking 10 out of 100

Pros & Cons with Cash Siphon System


  • Money Back Guarantee – Chance to get your money back for the first 60 days
  • Basic Marketing Strategies – A guide to teach you the basic ways to drive traffic to website



  • The owner is already known scammer – This is not the first nor the last scam made by Ewen Chia
  • Full of blatant lies – Their disclaimer strongly contradicts everything what they promise you on their sales page
  • Shady associates – associated with Justin Blake – it’s yet another well known scam promoter you should stay away from
  • Connected to another scams – Cash Siphon System serves as a frontier & one of the leads to other Ewen Chia scammy products
  • No real product – Cash Siphon System doesn’t actually exist – it serves only as a well marketed frontier with no real product behind the sales page
  • Few to non credible reviews – Typical to these type of schemes, the members who are promoting Ewen Chias products are biased & suffer from brand loyalty
  • Too many upsells – Buying a product is designed & built in a way that it leads you to buying yet another product – You can end up spending thousands of dollars
  • Targets inexperienced users – As scammers usually do, they target the inexperienced, lazy, desperate & mentally weaker folks through that “easy way out” card.
  • MLM in disguise – Ultimately Cash Siphon System leads to a MLM company called My Online Business Empire which means more upsells for you
Cash Siphon System – How much does it cost to join?

No Free Trial

There is no trial to see if you like this product – To join & in order to have any kind of access you have to pay $17 up front.

CSS - discover 100k

Who is Cash Siphon System for?

This product doesn’t even exist!

In theory, Cash Siphon System targets anyone who’s is looking for making money online. Ewen Chia system shows you the basics how to drive traffic to your website but does not explain how to get conversions..

Rather than teaching you the exact process step by step how to make money online he simply states that all you need is to drive traffic to make money. The way it’s marketed is just ridiculous – There is no autopilot system.

Everything needs regular maintenance even the most advanced servers & especially your website business. It’s just reality.
Here’s also a video about that bad if not the worst possible business example Ewen Chia tries to sell to you:

            There is no such thing as autopilot system!

What happens after you join Cash Siphon System?

Hype, more fluff, no real training..

Once you sign up, this where you meet the biggest hype area – “The Secret Bonus Area” – Cash Siphon System starts flashing with big numbers that you potentially can earn. In other words, you will be bombarded with outright lies in order to convince you to buy their “next level product”.

Once you receive that next level product, it will start leading you to buy yet another product that supposedly will make you earn even more commission. Stinks like MLM already? Indeed, this is where it’s going..

Cash Siphon System leads to MOBE – A known MLM scam

Eventually it leads to a MLM called My Online Business Empire (click here to learn more about MOBE) – More upsells! Multi Level Marketing as we know is one of those line of businesses where you are forced to buy the product in the first place in order to even qualify promoting that product let alone make money with it.

At the same time qualifying has absolutely nothing to do with earning actual profit. As statistics show only 1% people successfully make money off from MLM.

It’s more than likely that in MLM you generate debt before you make any kind of profit. It involves very high risk!

How much can you earn with Cash Siphon System?

No Earnings AT ALL Are Guaranteed!

Their disclaimer says no earnings at all are guaranteed. That’s not surprising at all. Despite all of the fancy promises, disclaimer shows what this thing really is – It’s all about your own effort & you can’t accuse them of anything.

If you fail to earn anything all the guilt will be pinned on you & that’s how they can get away with it

This system does not work as it claims to work but it’s built the way it seems perfectly legal on paper. Here’s also an example directly taken from Cash Siphon System disclaimer:

CSS - never sell

CSS - earning disclaimer

Here’s a list of other Scams by Ewen Chias

Ewen Chias is already a known scammer..

  • Ewen Chia’s Shortcut To $10K
  • Ewen Chia’s Internet Millionaires
  • Ewen Chia’s Fast track Cash
  • Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits
  • Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Internet Income
  • Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income

         Not the first NOR the last Scam by Ewen Chias


My Final Verdict

Waste of Your Time!

Is Cash Siphon System scam or not? Yes, it’s scam! It’s even quite laughable scam considering the fact how crude it all is. If you do even a little bit of research online about scams like these, they become very easy to spot & to avoid.

Affiliate marketing as we know is based on helping companies to sell their products & services – This alone contradicts absolutely everything Ewen Chias has said on Cash Siphon System sales page & that you can make easy money without selling anything.

That person is simply lying into your face. There are about dozen video tutorials within Cash Siphon System where beginners can learn a thing or two about internet marketing – An information that is available on internet for free.

What you get from Cash Siphon System is basic affiliate marketing knowledge which is available on internet for FREE!

I personally see it as nifty cover-up move so you can’t accuse them of anything – But the product is there, isn’t it!? This is how scammers make their programs look legit on paper where actually isn’t any real program behind.

Other than that Cash Siphon System is being set up with main focus on promoting other MLM companies products within its own system – It’s a lead system that’s all about hype & upsells to make a quick buck off from you.

I recommend you to stay away from Cash Siphon System to save your money & more importantly your precious nerves.

             Luckily, I have much better solution for you..

There’s a better way, I’d like to help you – To show you something that’s not a MLM with countless of upsells..
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