Top 5 Ways to Make Money Online

I’m going to show you couple of very effective yet simple ways how to make money online. Including to different online money making methods, I’ll also show you a way how & where you can create an online project for passive income from a scratch if you haven’t started one yet. Remember, on these days it’s absolutely mandatory to have a website in place if you aim to earn full time income online instead of just scraping for pennies. Here’s a dedicated topic that’s going to teach you how to build a free website & get free hosting platform for your new website if you haven’t got one yet. But of course, for a small extra income you can do couple of things to earn money without a website as well. In this topic I’ll be focusing on 5 business models that you can use with your website to earn money online. Here’s the top 5 list to show you how you can earn money online:

   Making Money Online is simple yet exciting process..

How to make money online 2016


The best ways how to make money online

Remember, the ultimate goal is to connect with people – It’s the best, shortest & quickest road map to revenue. People buy stuff & they likely spend money in exchange for products that improve upon their situation. This is how you can step in & help people to get what they need & in return also get what you want. There are three important questions you have to understand to make it work effectively:

  Three questions that you should be asking all the time..

These are the mandatory questions you should be asking yourself all the time to make your project become successful.
Always keep asking them & take action towards them.

Build a Niche Business – A real life example from my own project
1 First question – My niche, or in other words, my audience is “improving grip strength”. Yes, your first guess would be it has something to do with sports & fitness industry. Exactly that it is, in the broadest possible way. We also want to narrow it down a bit so it makes much more sense: My audience consist both regular folks & professional athletes, old as well as young people, rich & poor.. & also people who are injured & are seeking for rehab advice, or anyone who likes to get stronger in this particular area. My audience consists both complete beginners as well as advanced trainees. It’s a niche that applies to most people in entire world yet has preferred audiences at the same time who could potentially benefit from it the most. My most typical customer/audience would be an athlete – This is the targeted demographic in my niche, my audience.
2 Second question – What problem will “improving your grip strength” fix? It’s specialized training advice to help you to train your hands to become stronger & specifically improve your grip strength. It’s commonly one of the most overlooked if not neglected yet very important areas to cover in most people training routines. Whether you’re an old lady who needs a bit more strength to grab from stairs handrail to feel yourself safely.. or professional strongman who seeks to develop a monstrously strong grip to roll up a frying pan with your bare hands. From one end of the specter to another – from healing injuries to improving your strength – From casual folks who like to go to gym to professional athletes such as sport shooters, powerlifters, mma fighters, strongmen, arm wrestlers, olympic fighters or even guitar players. Improving your grip – Literally your entire life flows through your fingertips, from simple handshake to fierce punch, from typing a keyword into search bar to lifting heavy objects.
3 Third question – We now know my audience, & we know what problem I’m fixing. What’s next? It leads us to this top 5 ways to earn money online that is revolving around this topic. In “improving your grip strength” niche I can offer a set of specific products that will help people to train their forearm muscles such as: Hand grippers, handbands, dumbbells, pinch blocks, lifting straps, chalk, training manuals & the list goes on..
To find all of these products, I did search on internet to find relevant affiliate programs that offer all of those tools that I can advertise on my website & recommend to people to help them in their journey. That’s about it & it gets close to a final stage that ultimately leads to earning revenue. But how can you realistically do all of that? The possible best options how can you do that is explained in detail right below..

   Top 5 Ways to earn money online – Explained in detail..

Free affiliate programs – Fastest way to earn money online

1Promote a product & get paid commission – It’s that simple! Over the past decade earning money through affiliate programs has become more & more popular. Many people like to complicate things but there’s absolutely no need for that. There are literally thousands of affiliate programs available online that are free to join & waiting for you. You can learn more about affiliate marketing here in detail, a dedicated topic that explains the benefits of this line of business & what affiliate marketing actually is all about.

What does affiliate marketing mean for you? No shipping, no inventory, no need to possess or create the product yourself. All you need is access to internet & dedication. As an affiliate marketer, all you do is sign up with affiliate program which are free to join, you’ll promote & recommend companies products & services to people through your website you’re going to build. Your website will be medium that you use to send your audience to companies websites & they will pay you a commission up to 75% if your customer buys something. It’s very simple & straightforward.

Once you’re ready to step into affiliate marketing I highly recommend you to join with Amazon Affiliates. It’s free to join & it’s simply amazing – It provides you the tools you can use on your site to promote all the products as well as pays you commission for each products you sell. You can earn 4% from each product you sell & the earning percentage will increase the more products you sell. For example if you sell $500 iPhone you’ll earn $20 commission which is 4%. Millions of people are buying stuff online every day, you can leverage from it by using affiliate programs such as this. There are literally hundreds of thousands of products available on Amazon alone that you can promote on your site. Name one item & it’s very likely that Amazon already sells it. Among with Amazon, here’s one of the most lucrative affiliate programs available anywhere online that I personally enjoy. Here’s a list of several popular affiliate programs available online that you can check out to sign up for free & make money with them:

Affiliate Marketing make Money Online 2016

  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • BlueSnap
  • MarketHealth
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareaSale

Remember, Amazon Affiliates is ONLY ONE affiliate program among tens of thousands of affiliate programs available online. Among those thousands there are hundreds of thousands products & services that you can choose from & promote on your website. Affiliate marketing truly is never ending business & in fact it’s better than ever. Simply take action & earn revenue.

Advertising programs – Earn money online by using ads

2One of the most popular ways to monetize your website or blog is by using Google Adsense ads. It’s completely free to join. Once you have your account set up with Google Adsense, you can log in & get an ad code that you can use for your website. As you use these codes you’ll see ads appearing in your pages & posts as well as on sidebars – For each click that your visitor does you’ll earn $0.1 up to $20 per click. Payout always varies & is determined by ad competition as well as demand.

And of course, you can customize the ads the way it blends in with your website content. You can add up to 3 ads for each & every page & post on your website. To help you to set up your Google Adsense quickly & as effortlessly as possible there are many great plugins you can get for free with your WordPress content management system. Here’s a list of some great plugins to make your life much easier:

  • Google Adsense (Official Google plugin)
  • WP Simple Adsense Insertion
  • Easy Plugin for Adsense
  • Adsense Integration WP QUADS

Remember, you can always combine these business models with each other – Your chosen affiliate programs can have great synergy with advertising programs & can be used in conjunction to earn you even more commission. You can also go with dedicated website that is purely focused on Adsense ads. Feel free to spice things up & use the combination of two as well. And of course, Google Adsense isn’t the only ad program available on internet. To help you out & make things even easier for you, I’ve put together a list of different advertising programs:

Make money online from home with advertising 2016


  • Google AdSense
  • Google AdWords

Email marketing – Earn money online by building a list

3Think about the local grocery store you go to every other day. Why won’t you go to some other random store near you? Why should you? Exactly! It’s already proven that it’s ten times as likely that recurring customer will buy products from you. They trust you, so they want to rely on your recommendations. To take care of your customer you can build a list – For exchange of a prize you can ask people’s e-mail addresses to contact them later on via newsletters. It’s the easiest way to do it. Give them valuable information as well as offer solutions to their problems.

E-mail marketing is an excellent way to make money online. To get it all started you need your website in place & create a small e-book that you can give to your visitors for free in exchange of their e-mail addresses. If you feel you’re complete beginner & particularly interested in e-mail marketing, here’s a great way to make a start & learn the basics of e-mail marketing from veteran marketers. It’s beginner friendly & fits well into your budget. In order to start your email marketing campaign you need to set up autoresponder system. Here’s a list of major email providers:

Technically, to deliver your valuable free e-book as prize to all of your audience you’re going to need software in place to do it for you automatically. Here’s the world’s easiest e-mail marketing service – GetResponse. It also offers educational platform as well as provides you with all the necessary tools for e-mail marketing. You can get e-mail plan for up to 1000 subscribers for as low as $15 per month. A service that suits for both small blogs & huge e-commerce online shops alike.

Relevant advertisers – Connect with companies to earn money online

4Yet another great way to make money online – Contact with relevant advertisers & companies. Once you have traffic on your website, this is another opportunity that you can leverage from. Try not to miss out! I recommended you to have stats to show & traffic to your website before you do that. To show your potential is very important, so you have a valid reason to ask companies if they would like to advertise on your site.

It’s basically the same as using Adsense ads but the main difference that this time you do it for a specific company you are connected with. You’re simply going to add the ad blocks wherever you want them – The advertisers can click on them & sign up to start advertising on your site.
One of the best places so far that makes connecting advertiser to publisher incredibly easy:


It’s wonderful that there are services like this available online that help you to connect with relevant advertisers & companies automatically. Basically, the whole process becomes automated & makes your life much easier. It’s money on the table, waiting for you to pick it up.

Relevant Advertisers

Create a product or service – Set a long term goal to earn money online
5Do you have your own product & want to expand your offline business to become online business as well? It’s a great way to earn money online & you can do it with all the fancy yet low cost tools available these days. If you like, you can also solely use internet to increase people awareness of your product – Leverage on such method as using google maps to help people locate your restaurant. Simple yet very effective isn’t it? There are multiple options how to do it depending on the product or service you’re offering.

It’s important to master the affiliate side of your business first & for most before stepping into product development. In either case if you do or don’t have your product, I highly recommend you to join online educational platforms to get guidance from veteran online marketers to show you how it’s done. There’s no need to invent anything yourself, everything is already taken care of & here’s a free online entrepreneur certification course to make it happen for you.

Now, it’s important to know that most people don’t have their own product & usually complete beginners don’t. It’s no problem at all, for complete beginners I recommend to start off with affiliate marketing anyways – It involves the same promoting process without the part of worrying about transporting the product. The general process how to do it online will be the same all the way, with the main difference that with your own product there will be the delivery part added which will be entirely separate topic.

           Get Free training how to Make Money Online

You’ve made it this far, so I’d like to help you out – To show you something that’s a complete all round package – An incredibly beginner friendly community with superior support that includes ALL of the possible options to earn money online: There’s a convenient yet practical way how you can start earning money online – You can learn the basics, build your very own website & start your entire online project completely FREE

Wealthy Affiliate

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  1. Starting an online business can be difficult at first because of all the new things you have to learn but making money online is not that difficult.Your post explains in detail the best ways to earn money.

    1. Thanks Nikos,

      It’s true, everything new appears overwhelming as we get started.
      Luckily, that feeling won’t last forever..
      ..& even better, if things are made easy for you.
      It’s always good to have a road map to get things moving.


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